Change of Seasons

Written by Katherine Kaczor, Recovered Living’s Nutritionist

The leaves are falling; the air is crisp. The glorious season of Autumn is here. As we approach the cooler weather, you might find yourself wondering if there are any shifts you should make to your eating habits to help you stay healthy and feel your best.

Rather than focusing on eat this – don’t eat that, the transition to Autumn can be a great opportunity to begin connecting with your body’s internal wisdom. It is a myth that we need to change our eating just because the time of year is different. Our bodies cannot tell what month it is and will process nutrition the same way at all times of the year. There is no need to be “extra careful” with our food choices in response to Autumn arriving.

While it can be more cost-effective to purchase seasonal produce, and you may find that seasonal fruits and vegetables are more flavourful than ones that are out of season. You will still get loads of benefits from eating produce that is typically associated with another time of the year. So, if you love berries, keep eating them all year round if you can – you don’t need to force yourself to switch to pears just because they are an “Autumn fruit.”

That said, it is natural for many people to experience shifts in food cravings as the temperature changes. As the weather cools, we often find ourselves wanting heartier comfort foods that warm us up. Lean into that if it sounds good to you! These foods can be great to share with family and friends, and Autumn is one of the best times of year to celebrate food with your community. People who eat in a community tend to report having a more positive relationship with food and better mental and physical wellbeing overall.

Some people worry that eating more comfort foods will result in weight gain and health complications. Contrary to diet culture messaging, it is actually completely normal and healthy to have some fluctuations in your weight throughout the year. When we listen to the messages from our body without judgement, those fluctuations naturally go up and down without any adverse impacts on our health. When we try to put restrictions on some of our favourite Autumn dishes, on the other hand, we put our minds and bodies under undue stress which can lead to negative impacts on our metabolism and make us vulnerable to rebound eating.

What foods do you find yourself craving in Autumn? With my US roots, I tend to gravitate towards pumpkin-spiced anything! Pick your favourites and enjoy them with your loved ones – judgment-free! This is the best way to feed your body and soul throughout these colder months. Don’t let food anxiety or diet culture messaging prevent you from connecting to the spirit of this season!

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