Family Resources

Support for Family & Friends

Recovered from anorexia, Millie Thomas now works tirelessly with clients, families and carers to inspire and assist others in their own recovery. Millie is located in Caloundra, QLD, Australia.

JD Ouellette. JD's daughter is now recovered from anorexia. JD considers herself an 'expert by experience', coaching parents and carers as they navigate their own journeys of caring for someone with an eating disorder. JD is in California, USA and works with parents and carers online.

Becky Henry . Another 'expert by experience' Becky offers 1:1 online support for parents and carers with both fierce energy and unrelenting compassion. Becky is in Minnesota, USA.

EDANZ Eating Disorder Association New Zealand holds monthly zoom support and information groups for parents and carers.

Alsana offer weekly online support groups for family and friends of those affected by eating disorders.

Link to comprehensive list of online support groups worldwide.

EDANZ Eating Disorder Association New Zealand has a list of round the country in person support groups.

Family Education

FEAST is a global support and education community of and for parents of those with eating disorders.

The National Eating Disorders Association of America (NEDA) has provided a comprehensive PDF toolkit for parents. Click here to access it.
Meaning 'Total Health' and located in the USA, Alsana offers specialized video trainings for families and carers to help educate around how to respond in difficult situations when your loved is in recovery from an eating disorder.

Emma Wright is a kiwi devoted to breaking down body stigma and educating parents on how they can help raise body confident kids.

The Eating Disorder Treatment Blog is a collection of books and online videos about recovery and treatment options for eating disorders.