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"It's time to talk about eating disorders" at the TEDx Youth@Christchurch event in 2019.

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"Women with eating disorders 'absolutely let down' by health system": June 6 2023. The Press.


"Teen struggling with anorexia since she was 13 contemplates $6600 a week rehab": April 22nd 2023. Stuff.


"'Game changer' eating disorder facility set to open in North Canterbury": October 30th 2022. Stuff.


"Site found for treatment centre": June 25th 2021. Otago Daily Times.


"Eating disorders: 'Your life matters' - survivor once sent home to die joins desperate calls for Govt help": June 2nd 2021, 2020. New Zealand Herald.


"How Social Media Influencers Inspire People to Starve Themselves": January 31st, 2021. Stuff.

"Appetite for Recovery": December 17th, 2020. ODT.

"Pure Hell: Dunedin woman had to go to the US to get help for her eating disorder": October 10th, 2020. Stuff.

"Women of Influence Awards: 2020 finalists focus on challenges of the future": September 27th, 2020. Stuff.


Kristie, RLNZ founder, does a follow-up interview with Compass FM, talking about what it's like to receive treatment at Recovered Living NZ and how full recovery is possible: Friday 1 September, 2023

Kristie talks with Compass FM about eating disorder treatment at RLNZ: Monday 19 June, 2023

New eating disorder centre already 'overwhelmed' with interest: Thursday 17 November, 2022

Cutting to the Core of Eating Disorders: Monday 13 June, 2022

Disordered Eating Recovery w/ Kristie Amadio on 95bfm: Friday 04, 2021

Kim Hill interviews Kristie about her work with Recovered Living and Recovered Living NZ.  

Saturday 17th October 2020. 


Beyond Body Podcast cover image

Beyond Body Podcast with Mia Findlay

Kristie Amadio was once stuck in recovery. She just opened a residential centre.
Listen to Kristie's episode with Mia Findlay, Founder & Principal Coach of Beyond Body Coaching in Australia.

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Move It Mama cover image

Move it Mama - The Sparkle Pod

Listen to Move it Mama - The Sparkle Pod, to hear Kristie's story and what it means to be ‘recovered’.
In this chat, she talks about Recovered Living NZ and also answers some questions - such as how to talk to kids about eating disorders and at what point do we/does someone need help?

Listen to Kristie's episode here
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Recovery Bites ⎯ Real Talk with Recovered Professionals - Karin Lewis

Find out about 'Recovered Professionals' life beyond recovery, the good and the not-so-good, the successes and the challenges, and the authentic accounts of recovered lives. Not their whole story, just bites.
Listeners can look forward to new perspectives, meaningful dialogue, and candid interviews with experts in the field of eating disorder treatment and recovery.
Host Karin Lewis, MA, LMFT, CEDS has been recovered from Anorexia Nervosa for over 20 years and has been specializing in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders since 2005. Karin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has spent her entire career helping individuals and their families suffering from eating disorders, body image, media and cultural influences, family issues, relationship issues, depression, and anxiety.

Listen to Kristie's episode here
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Julie Dillon

Love Food - Julie Duffy Dillon

Julie Duffy Dillon has never been on a diet. Ever. She is however a registered dietician, an eating disorder expert and a women on a mission to help people reach peace with food.

Check out Kristie's interview with Julie here
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Kristen Brunello

Eating Disorder Recovery Speakers - Kristen Brunello

Imagine your eating disorder only taking up 30% of your headspace. Imagine it taking up none. Life can get better. You can feel better. Hope and inspiration brought to you weekly by powerful recovery speakers. When Kristen got out of eating disorder residential treatment for the last time, she noticed a major gap in her care: among her treatment team there was no one saying, “I’ve been there. I get it. My life without my eating disorder is so full. Let me help you get there too.” As an eating disorder recovery coach, Kristen hopes to fill that gap. The Eating Disorder Recovery Speakers podcast is a platform for people to share their stories of eating disorder recovery.

Check out Kristie's interview with Kristen here
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Recovery Warriors

Recovery Warriors - Jessica Flint

Recovery Warriors provides motivation and inspiration for your journey to recovery from an eating disorder.
Host Jessica Flint interviews recovery warriors and treatment professionals from around the world to get their unique perspective and advice on what it takes to recover. This show is for all types of eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and disordered eating.

Check out Kristie's interview with Jessica here
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Christy Harrison

Food Psych Podcast - Christy Harrison

Each episode, Christy talks with inspiring guests—including leaders in the body-positive and Health at Every Size movements—about intuitive eating, body image, eating disorder recovery, weight stigma, fat acceptance, nutrition, and more. This podcast calls out diet culture for the life thief that it is, and challenges it in all its sneaky forms—including the restrictive behaviors that often masquerade as wellness and fitness.
Launched in 2013, Food Psych is now one of iTunes' top 100 Health podcasts and the world's leading anti-diet podcast.

Check out Kristie's interview with Christy here
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