Recovered Living NZ is a not-for-profit residential facility for eating disorder recovery in Christchurch.  We offer evidence based therapeutic approaches to treat eating disorders in a supportive home-style environment.

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Welcome to the Recovered Living NZ Home

Ngāi Tūāhuriri, the local Iwi, generously gifted the Recovered Living NZ home with the name 'Te Whare Whakamana' (the House of Empowerment). 

It is important to us that Recovered Living NZ feels like a home to every person who steps inside.  Just as importantly, it symbolises being at home in our body so that wherever we go, we always have a place to feel grounded and settled - ourselves. 

Mana or empowerment, is a Maori concept that speaks to both personal and collective strength, identity, and the very essence of who a person is.  Through the process of recovering from an eating disorder, one must be supported by others' mana as they work to discover and build their own. 

We have a saying at Recovered Living NZ, 'An empowered person is one that has forged their own path in leading a recovered life.  Let it be known that these people have fire in their bellies!'  

May every person that comes in contact with Te Whare Whakamana (The House of Empowerment), come to recognise their  power within.


residential beds


day program places


specialised staff

located in North Canterbury

required to further subsidise the cost of treatment for people in need