Hear from our clients

"Before I came to Recovered Living, I was struggling to make progress in strengthening my healthy self and was stuck in a cycle of self-destruction. Since coming here, I have achieved so many things I didn't think I would ever be able to do again.

"I have had plenty of practice at social eating, developed connections with others recovering, increased my variety of foods, and worked on changing my relationship with exercise. Acceptance, honesty and vulnerability have been key to my recovery journey here and the hope held for me by all of the staff has allowed me to develop that."

"Thanks to the generosity of all the sponsors for making Recovered Living a reality. It gave me the opportunity to turn my life around and help me in a way I couldn’t help myself.

"Before I came to Recovered Living, I was living life in a strict routine and my life was run by numbers. Now I have food freedom, flexibility around time and I’m not controlled by numbers. I can now go out and eat with my family and go on holiday with them this year. I no longer get stressed and worried over the smallest things and I’m a much calmer, relaxed person."

“Before I came to Recovered Living, I was living a life controlled by the eating disorder, and I was in denial about it. I know how lucky I am to have been able to spend time at Recovered Living, to work on and learn about myself, learn to ask for and accept help, to meet the most incredible professionals and to build a tribe of new friends.”

"I am so grateful to have the opportunity to come to Recovered Living. The months before I came here had been very tough and dark. I struggled to see any way out of my eating disorder rut, but since I was welcomed here, I have been able to see flickers of light in between the darkness.

"Everyone has welcomed me into this home and made me feel like family. Recovery is still so hard and scary but starting here is definitely helping it feel less alone and more safe."

"I truly believe Recovered Living has saved our daughter’s life.”


Hear from our client's families

“When our daughter was admitted, she had been struggling with her eating disorder for two and half years. We had exhausted all avenues of treatment through the public health system and seemed no further ahead in her wellness. The illness had consumed our daughter and taken away so much of who she is.

“Recovered Living has been the place for my daughter to begin her recovery. She has been able to engage with the staff and the programme and move forward in a positive way almost right from the beginning. She knows she is unwell and is working hard every day in her recovery.

She is positive about her recovery.  Her sense of humour is back!  We all believe that she will recover and get her life back. Recovered Living has given our family back hope.

“When we dropped off our severely ill and damaged daughter at Recovered Living, she had no life left in her, had basically withdrawn from society and had shut down. She would only eat certain foods at certain times, preventing her from associating with her family let alone the outside world.

Her time at Recovered Living has been somewhat miraculous. The total commitment, knowledge and understanding of the entire staff has been amazing. Our daughter has totally embraced this fantastic programme. She will now eat anything placed in front of her, can select her own food and portion sizes and is now able to speak openly about her feelings and issues.

“Having dealt with numerous agencies and counsellors Recovered Living stands out on its own. Not only caring for the clients, but their families as well has been extremely helpful. I truly believe Recovered Living has saved our daughter’s life.”

“My 15-year-old daughter has struggled with Anorexia for nearly three years. We have been through both private and public systems without making any real traction. After her stay at Recovered Living, we can see some real changes and hope has been restored.

“For the first time, I can actually see that full recovery is possible. I'm excited for her future and am so grateful that NZ finally has place that is like home, where residents have so much support.” 

“The experience of being a parent of someone in the Recovered Living facility has been one full of hope. Finally, she got the help she needed in an intensive format and it wasn't all about food. She got the psychological support that I have been asking for, for over two years.

“She is a stronger person for it, and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Without Recovered Living’s support we would have continued to remain in limbo with no further support for our daughter. They have supported our daughter to meet some goals and identify clearer next steps that might not otherwise have been possible.

“I feel that Recovered Living has so much to offer and the ripple effect will be huge.” 

"Recovered Living has given our family back hope."