Recovered Living NZ is a team of highly trained eating disorder professionals from the US and New Zealand. We provide 24/7 residential eating disorder recovery support in Christchurch as well as a Day and Partial Programme.

We are a not-for-profit organization

Our fees represent a
true cost for services
  • Our vision is to be a world class eating disorder treatment and education center known for quality, expertise, and a fierce belief in every client’s ability to recover.

  • Our mission is to offer a full continuum of specialised treatment from residential care through to virtual outpatient at a single location in New Zealand.

Our Grassroots Story

Kristie Amadio struggled with an eating disorder for 14 years, seeking treatment in both Australia and New Zealand, unsuccessfully. She was told she was a chronic case and should expect to live with her eating disorder for the rest of her life. Not willing to settle for a life with an eating disorder, she flew to America for 7 months of treatment at the Monte Nido treatment centre in California, where she eventually recovered 100% from her eating disorder.

The structure, support, and philosophy of the treatment she received was so profound, she vowed to bring a program of equal quality to New Zealand.  First though, she made a name for herself in America by becoming the very first person to provide 24/7 live-ins with individuals in recovery, offering a full follow up program.  She hired a team of Recovered professionals and provided support to over 500 clients in eight different countries with her Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching company, Recovered Living.

2020 marked the beginning of Recovered Living New Zealand.  Frustrated with the amount of New Zealanders being forced to fly to America for life-saving treatment at prohibitive costs, she combined forces with like minded people to form a charitable trust board and begin the work of building her dream.