Kristie talks with Recovery Warriors founder Jessica Flint about what is Recovered Living...


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Kristie Amadio is no stranger to the perils of seeking recovery from an eating disorder. After facing discouragement and struggle trying to find professional treatment in Australia and New Zealand, Kristie traveled to the States for 7 months of residential treatment.
Kristie continued her early recovery journey with the help of an online therapist and dietician; little did she know that this experience would be the spark that helped her create Recovered Living.
Together with Jessica; Kristie talks about making peace with exercise, getting creative in recovery with her diagnosis of prosopagnosia and her new lease on life. As the founder and CEO of this innovative and groundbreaking Eating Recovery Coach platform, Kristie now helps clients by providing practical services tailored to each individuals needs.
An eating disorder is endless, but recovery has an end.
Recovery is absolutely 100% possible. People often say to me, 'I can't don't know the strength of my eating disorder in my head.'

I don't know the strength of your eating disorder. And you didn't know the strength of mine.

If you have survived to this point however, I know the strength of your heart. And that is everything I need to know.

You can recover.

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