Find A Way

Energy flows where attention goes.

103 miles. 53 hours. 64 years old. Five attempts.

In 2013, Diana Nyad was the first person in the world to swim from Cuba to Florida.

It isn't her physical prowess that we find inspiring. It isn’t the distance or the pursuit. It is her state of mind and her resolute determination to succeed.

She first attempted the swim at age 29 in 1978, however rough seas battered her and made the attempt impossible.

In 2011 at sixty years of age, she tried twice to reach her goal but an eleven-hour asthma attack and severe jellyfish stings forced her to abandon her mission.

In 2012 she again set to her mission but a lightening storm and paralyzing jellyfish stings put her in danger.

At the age of 64 Diana decided that she didn't want to attempt to reach her goal anymore, she wanted to reach it.

Her mantra, as she swam for over two days was, 'find a way'. And she did.

Eating disorders are masters at finding reasons and excuses why recovery can't be accomplished. There are thousands of reasons recovery can be difficult and it is all too easy to focus on them.

There were thousands of reasons Diana’s swim could have been difficult, yet she chose not to put her attention on them.

‘Find a way’.

That was what she focused on.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Focusing on problems causes your brain to ruminate on the issue. Focusing on answers keeps it engaged and searching for solutions.

Let us help you find your way with Recovery Coaching.
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Just for this week, what do you commit to ‘find a way’ through?

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Energy flows where attention goes. Diana Nyad directed her attention to an extraordinary goal…and found a way.

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