Aimee Becker
December 28, 2021
Tracey Murray
January 26, 2022

Anna Kowalski received her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology in Los Angeles and has been a licensed therapist since 2001.  She spent the majority of her career working at Monte Nido & Affiliates as well as mentoring, training, and speaking at various eating disorder treatment centres across America.

Anna approaches therapy with uncanny humour, insightful honesty and incorporates positive psychology in her sessions.  Anna strongly believes that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible having personally witnessed hundreds of individuals recover.  Her clinical expertise, strength, and insight have made her a sought-after therapist in the realm of family therapy and eating disorders.

Anna has been quintessential in building the RLNZ programme philosophy and structure as well as providing training and mentoring to our team.

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