Carolyn Costin
December 28, 2021
Anna Kowalski
December 28, 2021

After fully recovering from her eating disorder, Aimee Becker spent 10 years building the infrastructure for Monte Nido & Affiliates before moving to Colorado to work as the Chief Operating Officer for the Gaudiani Clinic.

While at Monte Nido, Aimee developed her narrative approach to therapeutic conversations, leaning into the idea that the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.  She has spent time developing and facilitating training on queer competency for eating disorder professionals.

Thoughtful, clear, and engaging, Aimee is an individual that shines the light for every person struggling with an eating disorder.  Her sharp mind has the ability to cut through challenges, coming up with manageable actionable solutions. 

With a wealth of experience in programme design, operations management, and systems thinking, Aimee is a true asset in supporting the infrastructure of RLNZ.

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