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August 2, 2017
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May 6, 2018

Witty Responses to Weighty Remarks

Original source: Cornell Health

How do you react when someone makes a comment about eating, weight, or body shape? You do not always need to respond to ‘fat talk’, but sometimes a well-placed comment or more thoughtful response can clear the air or help others reconsider their attitudes.

Here are some suggestions for what to say when someone remarks…

You look great – have you lost weight?

What’s looking great have to do wth weight loss?

No, but I’m happy – that’s why I look great!

I don’t know and I don’t care – I just feel good!

Was that supposed to be a compliment?

No, I just look great!

Oh have you gained weight?

Does it matter?

Why, do you like me more? Less?

Why, have you?

Yeah, I’m healthier.

How can you eat like that and stay so thin?

It's the way my body works.

Everyone has a different metabolism.

People have different genetic backgrounds.

I have to, or I’ll lose weight.

Why are you eating so much bread and pasta?

My body and brain need carbohydrates for energy.

Grain is good for you – nutrition guidelines recommend six or more servings a day.

Because I’m healthy and don’t deprive myself of foods my body needs.

How can you eat that? It has so much fat!

Zero fat isn’t healthy.

Our bodies need dietary fat to absorb vitamins and produce hormones.

Fat makes food yummy and helps me feel full!

Why are you so concerned with what I eat?

You should go on a diet!

Most diets don’t work.

Diets can rob you of energy.

Thanks, but I prefer to stay sane.

Avoiding foods just makes you want them more and sets you up for a binge.

Diets can turn into eating disorders

Who wants to spend their time worrying about food? I have better things to focus my energy on.

I hate the way I look

It’s what’s inside that counts, and I like what I see on the outside, too.

Are you worried about something?

Now, you owe yourself some compliments.

Look at that person. S/he shouldn’t wear that!

People should feel free to wear what they like.

Judging people by their appearance is silly, isn’t it?

Eating again? You couldn’t be hungry already!

Yes, I listen to my body’s hunger signals.

Sure, my body needs fuel.

I wish I could be like you-you’re so thin!

Why is being thin so important?

Everyone’s body is different. That makes things more interesting.

I’m so fat!

By what standards?

What are you really feeling?

You know, comments like that can hurt others as well as yourself.

Omigosh, can my butt get any bigger??!!

Let’s talk about more important things!

I’m the wrong person to talk to about that.

Or...Turn the comment into a question:

Why do many people think that……?

I wonder why appearances seem so important to some people?

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