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July 21, 2017
Life is not about finding yourself
August 7, 2017

Start A Revolution!

Every body has its art.

Heard the saying ‘accept your flaws’?

There is a concept in society at the moment that ‘everybody has flaws’ and ‘nobody is perfect’.

We disagree.

There is nothing ‘flawed’ about our bodies. There is nothing ‘flawed’ about your body…or anybody’s body.

Your stomach is the shape it is, because that is the shape it is meant to be for you. Your thighs are the size they are because that is their specific size. The same goes for your butt, your hips and every other part of your body. They aren’t flaws, they aren't good or bad - they just are.

You are you sized – that is the truth.

Imagine if a labrador tried to have the body of a greyhound! It would be an unhappy labrador because it would continually be fighting nature. When your eating disorder says, ‘if only I could change ___’ we say; ‘if only you could change your thinking!'

We are starting a revolution.

Right now.

Will you join us and be proud?

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