Emily Costa
July 18, 2019
Kylie Malin
July 24, 2020

Kristie serves on the Recovered Living Charitable Trust Board, connecting the aims of the Trust with the practicalities of the RLNZ program.

Formerly an elite athlete, Kristie now enjoys riding horses, white water kayaking, and playing squash.


‘It was only 8 years ago I sat in Residential treatment in America, immediately stunned by the quality of the program and expertise of the staff.

I remember thinking to myself, ‘When I get better, I will bring this back home’. I didn’t think that would actually happen. Yet my own recovery, thousands of others recoveries, and Recovered Living NZ, is proof that with determination and bold work, magic really does happen.’

Kristie is a member of the International Association for Counselling (IAC), is a Certified Eating Disorder Coach with the Carolyn Costin Institute and is a Provisional Member Registered with NZAC.



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